Chyavana Ayurveda Hospital, Thekkumthara P.O,
Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala

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The ideal geographical location of Kerala and its climate enhances Ayurvedic treatment.

Location (Wayanad, Kerala)

Chyavana Ayurveda Hospital located 900mts above from sea level in wayanad, the southern most district of Kerala (God’s own country) which is a part of western Ghats.

We hold an agrarian culture with paddy, plantain, coffee, tea and spices. Chyavana was surrounded by many natural sights within 20kms Banasurasagar dam, Edakkal caves, Kuruvaisland, Muthanga wild life sanctuary, Chempra peak, Pookode lake, and Water falls.

Our Specialities

Distress program:-We deliver a distress program which comprises of full body relaxation massage, steam bath and Sirodhara (with oil, curd, decoction and milk) reduces stress and provides a good sleep with calmness of mind soul with in 7 to 14days.

Our Blog

Chyavana Ayurveda Hospital is a home to many Ayurvedic and Yoga activities.

Best Treatments

Age, gender and genetics are outside your control, but lifestyle and eating habits are well within your view to change.

Panchakarma treatments

We have Panchakarma treatments (Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya, Rakthamokshana) means complete Ayurveda detoxification and cleaning.


Orthopedics cases like arthritis, ENT problems, beauty care, sinusitis, migraine, mental stress and strain, Health hazards for IT workers like computer vision syndrome(Dry eye, Eye strain etc), Neck and back aches, carpel tunnel syndrome, Tennis elbow, Plantar fasctis, obesity, Skin Diseases