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You are exposed to different pollution from air, water, food and also metabolic wastes are4 deposited in your cells called free radicles. We purifies your body through a series of treatments including Oleation internally and externally (Snehana and Abhyanga) Sudation and therapeutic purgation period is 14 days.


Which helps in keeping body young, increase immunity and longevity of life. This program comprises dhara, pizhichil, njavaralizhi, with in 7 to 21 days.

Weight loss program

Correct your body weight according to BMI by strict diet regimen, yogasana and treatments 21 to 28 days treatments include Dhanyamladhara, choornapindasweda, udvarthana, virechana etc.
1.Relaxing package for 2 night and 3 days
2.senior citizen package- 7/14/21 days
3.stress reduction package-7/14 days

Curing disease

Intervertebral disc prolapse (lumbar and cervical spondylisis) Sciatica Tennis elbow, Arthritis band all joint pains, Neurological diseases like hemiplegia, parkingsonisetc, warts, cones and skin diseases, Varicosis vein, Allergy.

1.Pain clinic
Low back ache
Cervical pain/neck pain
Knee joint pain/osteoarthritis
Tennis elbow
Foot pain
Head ache (migraine & sinusitis)

Warts , cones
Allergic diseases

3.Varicosis vein

4. Gyneacological treatments

I)menstrual disorders
a)Irregualar menstruation

II)Polycystic ovarian syndrom
III)Uterine fibroids
VI)menopausal disorders
VII)Dysfunctional uterine bleeding


Panchakarma- Snehana (Oleation)
Swedana (Sudation)-different kizhi, dhara, avagahaetc
Vamana- Vomiting
Virechana- Purgation
Snehavasti- Enema with oils
Kashayavasti- enema with kashaya

1.Rakthamokshana (Blood letting)
2.Impure blood (deoxygenated) is taken by using leech or needle for easy healing of wounds, skin disease, different pains, alopasiaets.

Special kerala treatments

kizhi with powder, medicinal leaves, rice, lemon, meat, egg etc.
Sirodhara with oil, curd, milk, decoction etc

Benefits of treatments

Lightness of body
Weight loss
Stress free
Increased blood circulation
Maintain blood pressure
Muscle relaxation
Maintain of digestive juices
Clear &moisture skin

More than Ayurveda

Yogasana and Pranayama practice-daily
Diet regimen- Vegetarian, low fat, low calorie
Dental treatment-
Herbal garden- more than 100 species
Indoor games

Yogasana & Pranayama

Yoga sutra by Acharaya Pathanajali introduce Yogasana & Pranayama to the world. Its not just exercise but maintain your physical and mental health through soul. Pranayama which means ‘control of breath’ We can increase the lungs vital capacity and make the blood rich with oxygen.